Angel Descending

I made this a few weeks ago and figured i should post it here too :slight_smile:


Awesome recycling of ideas, do you like books from Isaac asimov?


Never Read them, im not a big fan of books and reading

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This looks amazing!

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It’s an acquired taste, one you can never let go of !

Stunning painting !


Such amazing rendering, colors, and composition!!!

You are GIFTED


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I come back to this image, and it does make me think of great sci-fi books, for some reason. It’s space-ey, symmetrical… all-round has a solemn feel to it. It would make for an incredible book cover, honestly. @MikhailAsmo where do you work ? I would suggest you look into cover art. Most sci-fi book covers are not nearly as good as this.

Nice I love it. It brings back things I used to do

It is actually a piece part of a series of piece made to illustrate different aspect of the universe my comic takes place in (comic in question :

To answer your question im a French student so im currently working for no one but myself, inside my own room :sweat_smile:

Started to read your comic, you’re on the right way!

There’s some minor problem with text rendering I think (especially at the beginning, during introduction), but for graphic part, woah that’s really a great job! I really like your style :slight_smile:


En effet j’ai vu ton profil Artstation et que tu étais francophone. Bai écoute j’adore tes images ! Continue à nous régaler.

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Very much enjoy your manga and your visions, thanks for sharing. Your Art Station page is really good.

Awesome!! Very impressive!

So good I love this picture ^^

Great work, I really like the sense of dept and scale, thanks for sharing.