Animation Curves Docker is Broken (?)

I’ve watched a bunch of tutorials but nothing is working for me. My animation curves docker looks like this and even when i press the buttons nothing happens at all. If the image doesn’t work, half the buttons that I see on the docker for others in tutorials are not there. I’m pretty sure I’ve followed instructions exactly, and I’ve restarted Krita, started a new project, updated Krita, restarted my computer etc to no avail.


Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Which version of krita are you using?
Please upgrade to 4.4.8 if it’s not that already.
Which operating system are you using?
Which method/package did you use to have krita on your computer?

What you’re seeing is correct for a layer that does not have opacity keyframes on it.
Sadly, the +/add button only works if there is already at least one opacity keyframe. The -/remove button does not work if removing a keyframe would give less than two keyframes (but you haven’t got to that stage yet).

On the Timeline of your animated layer, at the frame you want your first opacity keyframe, do right-click → Tweening → Add opacity keyframe.
That will make the first opacity keyframe at that frame.
Then, you can use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons on the Animation Curves docker.

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for me is the same

did you fix that?

@LOLLO It’s not my job to fix things. I just say what I see and scratch my head.

excuse me I wanted to reply to Rudimentarly but I’m new here and I don’t know how to use it

No problem. You clicked ‘Reply’ at the bottom of my post so your reply was marked for me :slight_smile:
@rudimentary won’t fix anything. This needs comment and action from a developer, possibly followed by a formal bug report.

ok thank you

I’m not sure what a ‘krita assistant’ is, but if you have any problems with krita, you can create a New Topic in the forum, in a suitable category and with a suitable title with a description and explanation of your problem.
Ideally you’d provide important information such as which version and operating system you’re using, etc.
Full screen screenshots illustrating the problem are always a good thing too.

Then, everybody in the community will see your post and someone will eventually try to help you.