Animation docker observations

Firstly, thanks to everyone involved in Krita 5’s development. you guys have done a great job.
As a professional animator, i switched to using Krita full time a few years ago now.
I just wanted to share a few things i noticed with the new animation docker.

  • There seems to be a slight lag when switching between frames some times. It’s hard to pin point the problem exactly, but it has occured to me in larger clips, when perhaps the performance level dips a little. The frame kind of refuses to select, and there’s no indication of saving still occuring.

  • Ideally, for workflow purposes, i’d like the option to have a separate animation settings menu. I am constantly switching my clip lengths while i cycle certain parts of an animation. It’s nice to be able to see the numbers for the start and end frame without having to enter the menus. Perhaps an option to add them next to the frame register? I know there is a visual area represented in the timeline, but it’s not ideal. The darkened areas outside of the current clip length could be made customizable in colour. Also an option to tun all frames outside a selection a certain colour(eg red) instead of a darker version of the current frame colour would help in quick visual identification.

  • When changing the colour of a frame marker, the choice is only changed once you click off the menu, and is counter intuitive.

I’d also like to see a larger area above the timeline to scrub the animation. Sometimes i grab the docker by accident and other times highlight a section of frames, as the area to scrub is very thin.

I know some of these things seem small, but speed and workflow are important when working for clients.

I am grateful for the team’s hard work, and i look forward to future releases.



Scrubbing area is tiny yes yes.

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I’ve also noticed that playback no longer goes back to the frame you were working on and stops on the frame playback is stopped on. I think it was better before, but once again I think an option to toggle this would be good.

If i’m working on a frame, and i want to check the motion, then a return to the frame I’m working on would be ideal. However, if I’m trying to find a specific spot in the animation that needs changes, then being able to stop on that frame would be more helpful. I feel this isn’t as important as being able to return to the frame you were working on from playback.

The scroll bar in the Animation Timeline docker zooms in and out when held and mouse moves up and down. The problem with this is if I’m using my pen and try to scroll across it just wants to zoom in and out and breaks workflow.

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That was discussed in this topic:

A bug report was raised:

The situation has been dealt with in the 5.0.2-alpha Stable and the 5.1.0-prealpha by adding an option scrollbarZoomEnabled=false in the kritarc configuration file.
Anybody who wants to do vertical scroll bar drag-zooming can do that by editing that line in kritarc.
You might want to try the 5.0.2-alpha Stable.


Thanks, Ahab!
Good luck with that Whale :wink:

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I just want to make a note about importing audio. To be able to lip sync properly there must be a way to see the waveform of the audio clip.
Perhaps an Audio layer, which can be stretched in size in the animation timeline.

I’m sure this will be on the to do list, i just wanted to add it to my notes on the animation side of the program.

I’m experiencing crashes while using the Animation curves docker when the paint layer has a transform mask in a group( for tweening).

As i moved the layer off the canvas Krita would crash. It was a large file with many frames.

I was just using a lot of cloned frames and i thought it may be good to be able to colour the clones frames differently than the original frames.