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I have ToonBoom Studio Pro (which I paid over $1000 for) and Clip Studio Paint ($80 or so)-but Krita has the best and most intuitive animation timeline of them all. I’m so thankful for the animation feature in Krita because it allows a lot of people who may not be able to easily afford enterprise software to engage in this wonderful hobby.

That said I have run into problems here and there. For some reason when I change the output resolution of a gif or video it seems to be inconsistent whether it actually compresses the resolution or not.

(this worked)

(this didn’t; it’s my default canvas resolution of 3000+ px)

I’d thought that perhaps there was a hidden or otherwise unprompted “limit” to the amount the output’s resolution can be constrained (and perhaps that still is the case and part of the problem) but when I’d tried to export the second image at the same resolution as the first it still didn’t work.

Any clue what I might be doing wrong? (I’m using the Krita 4.3 beta just for the record)

It’s more like there is a bug for gif that it ignores your size specified in the Render Animation dialog, not sure why. It’s already fixed: and it should be included in Krita 4.3.0 beta version:

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@tiar : That bugfix was put into the master on 27th April.

The public 4.3.0 beta-1 that you linked to still has the bug but the error lines in the encode log file are no longer there.
The Nightly/Stable 4.3.0 beta-1 also has the bug and the error lines are not present.

The bug report only notes the commit going into the master so maybe it hasn’t been propogated through yet?

The Nightly 5.0.0 prealpha does not have the bug but it’s not really suitable for general use.

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Thank you guys for your extremely prompt replies! I’ll keep that all in mind as I anxiously await the formal release of 4.3.

Kind of a side note but would it be possible for a similar apparatus for exporting static images? As-is I’ve been manually changing the image’s size with “Image >> Scale Image to New Size” before exporting it and then "undo"ing it but that seems a little unnecessary. As little time as it takes and as petty of a gripe it might be it’d be great to be able to alter the resolution as you’re exporting through a similar prompt!

Thanks for all of your hard work in either case!

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We have a wish like that: , I will add it to my post here Beginner coding tasks in Krita: easy and short feature requests, ready to implement so maybe someone will pick it up.

Also since no one noticed it before now, it won’t be in 4.3.0 because now we’re in second beta testing stage, which means that only regressions (new bugs) or crashes can be fixed. It’s for safety. All other things need to wait until 4.3.1 :frowning: But somewhere around two weeks from now you’ll be able to download Krita Plus version from the website with this fix. (It’s best if you subscribe to it on the bug tracker so you know when it’s added to that version, then you need to wait 1 day so it for sure is on the version on the website, not only in the code).

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