Animation in Krita Tutorial

He does explain stuff and is pretty clear about it for new users. And I think that makes it a good tutorial.

But I do think Flash is dead though and I think I can try to explain why.
I saw this and I got a weird feeling everyone uses the word Tween wrong for some reason in regards for animators. I haven’t used Flash in a very long time but there were 2 tweens if I recall:

  1. One was for the object as a whole. Flash+HTML5. Simple Animation.
  2. The second is inside the Object. Flash exclusive. Complex Animation.

Krita does “path interpolation” or just “transforms” like HTML5 does that is opposite of what Flash did. This is the First type, moving objects as a whole. This type of animation uses “interpolation curves” for the user and Krita has it thankfull and I cherish it alot. This is good when you have modifiers like rigs to alter an object with a more simple object, these are also non existent to be even able to compare it to flash.

When Animators speak about “Tweening” in 2D in Flash they are ALWAYS speaking about the second, and it is the main reason why people choose to animate in Flash, which is impossible at the moment. Honestly I don’t know of any other software that really does what Flash did at the moment, my idea is that the technology died so to speak and I still know animators that use the old Flash because of it.

What Blender does with greese pencil is not the same but it is a very nice cheat for it. Blender also had a “animate all” plugin that would allow you to animate the individual points inside a object individually and allow curves for it, but people rarely use it. Both methods maintain the same amount of Control Points they are just moved but still super practical for Riggers like me.

In Flash the control points amount would variate from pose to pose and it would handle it even though maintaining the same amount of points would give better interpolations inside the object. Even if it guessed wrong many times it was a huge time saver and this magic trick is only possible with vectors control points not with pixels.

This all composed with symbols would make animation super easy to make.

Do you mean the symbol feature where you can make symbols of the animation loops and then also tween the symbol itself. There is also shape tween in flash.

Flash also has a unique way of drawing pushing and pulling and cutting the shape while drawing. This was a unique thing that macromedia introduced I think, which is not there in any other adobe software or rather any other software in the industry.

yes, to reuse it on other things yes.

sadly very dead. now you have adobe animator where no one knows what it even does, it is like a lottery what it does.

That video has nothing to do with Flash animation.
It’s a very simple example of a very small number of the animation facilities in krita.
He spend ages talking about how important ffmpeg is but never showed how find it, how to get it and how to point to it.

Great, that gives new customers in the support section of the forum.


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