Animation lifehack. Please help me make it even better.

Hello, I would like to share with you an extremely useful trick I just discovered and also to request your help to make it even better. You need a mouse and a drawing tablet for this.

So basically, while you’re holding your pen, put your non dominant hand over the mouse, holding it horizontally with the scroll wheel facing you in such a way that your thumb rests comfortably over it.
Then with your pen hover over to the timeline and with your thumb scroll the wheel. You are now sweeping through your frames like the old pen and paper animators!!
HOWL #113 Animation continues on Sc 45 - YouTube

Kind of. I know you can already control the timeline with the arrow keys or by dragging the cursor along it, but I believe the simple motion your thumb does along with the physical feedback from the scroll wheel makes it a lot more intuitive. To me the difference is like using a physical joystick vs a touchscreen joystick. Just cover the mouse’s bottom light with some duct tape to prevent the cursor from shaking.

I love sweeping through the frames this way and it has improved my workflow a lot. There’s only one thing that would make it perfect. Hover over to the drawing area and scroll the wheel: it zooms in and out. Is there any way to edit the program’s properties so that instead of zooming it sweeps through the timeline? That way you’d be able to quickly sweep through your frames without constantly moving your pen over to the timeline, thus improving your workflow a lot and allowing you to focus on the motion even more.

I’m no programmer but i’m hoping changing this would be as simple as editing one of the documents in the Krita program files folder. I have already posted this on the developer forums but i’m reposting it here in hopes of reaching more people who might find this helpful. If you do please please help me find a solution to this.

Thank you so much!!

And as a bonus, if you get a gaming mouse with a bunch of programmable buttons you can improve your workflow even more as you can assign shortcuts to them, that way you don’t have to switch your hand between keyboard and mouse.
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Thank you for your help and I agree that this post probably belongs in “Tutorials”. However, look at the last post made in this forum and it is from 10 hours ago. My point with this post, besides requesting help, is to improve the animation workflow for others. I understand it might not fit on the WIPs forum but I believe it does a lot more good than harm there. Please, please bring it back!

This trick has honestly improved Krita a ton for me, and I find it a tragedy that the knowledge will be buried among tons of posts and not reach the animators who this is intended for and who might find it as helpful as I have.

Thank you so much!

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This is an interesting idea for animators. Nice one.

You have to be careful to avoid making small cursor movements over the timeline docker area because the scroll wheel movement will be ignored if you do. That can be taken care of by resting your fingers on the tablet surface or by lifting the stylus away from the tablet.

As a ‘bonus’, when using my thumb to scroll the mousewheel, I can quickly and easily move it to do a mouse right-click, which is much more comfortable for me than using the stylus right-click button.

I find that mouse movement resolution is coarse and I don’t have any problems with the mouse moving while I use this technique. It may be different for other people and mice.

Thank you! Would you happen to know how to edit the properties so that it can work even better? I’m not a programmer but i’m hoping it is as simple as editing one of the documents in the Krita program files folder.

I believe it may have to do with the mice as with mine I can shake the cursor and it still registers the wheel scroll.
Glad you found this useful and that bonus is pretty cool!! To make it even cooler, if you get a gaming mouse with a bunch of programmable buttons you can improve your workflow even more as you can assign shortcuts to them, that way you don’t have to switch your hand between keyboard and mouse.

Oh sadly I am not a programmer either :slight_smile: . Hope someone volunteers and picks this idea.

In any case I think we can ping @emmetpdx or @eoinoneill just to let them know about this.

Thank you so much!! Hopefully they can help as I am so close to solving this.
All I need is to change these two settings so that instead of “zooming in and out” they “sweep left and right” through the timeline, the same way as when you hover the cursor over it.

I have looked everywhere but I cannot find that setting.

Those are the Canvas Input Settings and they are only active for canvas operations. Also, those are the canvas zoom settings where you can change the action used to zoom the canvas, not the other way around.
You can’t use it to map the Mousewheel to some randomly chosen operation.

Try the Switch Time group, they may be able to be used for what you want.
Edit:Add: These work and can be used to have the Mousewheel scroll over frames but only if the cursor is in the Timeline docker.

The Keyboard Shortcuts have Next Frame, etc shortcuts but those can only be assigned to modifier+key, not to Mousewheel.

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Thank you

Sorry for being too excited over this. This will allow me to work so much faster and I can only assume it will do the same for someone else. Thanks to AhabGreybeard I have found how to make this work the way I wanted. This is what your settings must look like:

Now you can use the scroll wheel to sweep through the timeline even if your cursor is on the canvas!
Thank you so much for the help! I hope this will be helpful to somebody.