Animation not switching frames correctly

I jsut recently started using krita and im already extremley confused. I was working on an animation and it was going really well, but i hoped on to add more frames and wanted to see how it looked so far so i started form the beginnniig. i realized that when animation is playing the frames aren’t switching when they are supposed to. when the thing indicating where it is goes over a key frame it doesnt change the image until like 30 more frames later. like the animation and draw space are off from one another or something. i dont know what to do, but if this cant be fixed i cant continue using it.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This is an unusual problem so it may be due to your system .
Have you made any changes to the Settings at all, apart from cosmetic things like theme and cursor shape?

Can you do Help -> Show system information for bug reports and paste the entire output to a reply here?
(Or give a link to a .txt file or a pastebin, whichever you prefer.)

Where did you get krita from? e.g krita website, Windows Store, Steam, etc.

Can you post a screenshot (.png) of your entire window with the Layers docker, Animation docker and Timeline docker showing with the zoom scale set to show as many of the frames as possible?

i havent played with any settings sincei am new to animating in general. i dont know how to make the timeline zoom out to show all the things though.

This has been seen on macOS before and it’s confusing.

If you play the animation and then play it a second time (or leave it looping), does it still show the frame lag?

Does the animation render out properly to an .mp4 file or an animated .gif?

The Timeline zoom/scale control is the small control shown here:

You grab it and drag it to the left/right to zoom out/in.
In the image above, It’s been dragged to the left a few times to zoom out as far as possible.

when i loop one section it doesnt lag, but if i play it once it does. i dont know how to get an .mp4 file off of krita only a krite file and even then it wasnt letting me exprot the video.

This is a ‘cosmetic’ problem that is seen with macOS. It’s one of the many mac mysteries.

You create/edit an animation in krita but then the idea is that you Render it out to an .mp4 file (or an animated .gif, etc) for publishing and general viewing, if you want to.
For this you need an additional and external utility called ffmpeg which is created and distributed by another organisation.

It’s described and explained in the manual here:

ah thank you!