Animation refuses to render properly

Hello! I’ve been having problems getting krita to render a specific animation. Before it could render all the ones I’ve done but now it’s not. I use krita as my everything art program. So this is is a big issue. Help me asap please

What is Krita telling you?

Can you check if rendering as “Image Sequence” works?

How long is the animation, and how long were the animations you made previously (+ what is the canvas size)? Do you get a red bar on the bottom bar of Krita (where it tells you the memory)?

It’s similar to problem I had to render my last animation…
I currentlly have difficulties to reproduce the problem with basic animations.
But I’m still able to reproduce it with documents from my last rendered animation.

If you go in settings, Performance > Adanced and reduce the Frame Rendering Clones limit to 1, animation render is working?

Also, can you tell us memory usage:

Give us an overview of layer stack:

And number of frames you have in animation :slight_smile:


It’s saying it’s an unknown error with a dark gray box with a red circle with an x in it

Alright. Here. I tried the settings thing. It did not help

Looking the screenshot, that’s not a problem relative to memory.
And if using Frame Rendering Clones limit to 1 doesn’t change anything, that’s not exactly the same problem than me…

Also, looking the layer stack, there’s no filter layer or layer style applied (except if applied on layer that are on not visible part of layer stack…)

When you render animation, which settings do you use?


What do you mean by settings?

The render settings:


Ah ok. I think we’re using different versions of krita

I’m using krita 5, under Linux…

Looking your render animation settings, you try to produce a video directly from Krita.

If as asked by @tiar you generate “Image Sequence”, do you still have an unknown error with a dark gray box with a red circle with an x in it?

The idea here is to try to determinate if problem in is frame rendering or video rendering.


It did not come up with an error

And the images were exported fine with no issue?

If so that means the issue is the ffmpeg rendering end. Have you tried a different format other than mpeg4/mkv?

Do you see any log files in the folder that you exported the video to?

Also, what version of ffmpeg are you using? Are you using a stable version or a snapshot?

As another itrem of advice, you could try this version of ffmpeg:
Download it, unzip it, then in the krita rendering window, point to its ffmpeg.exe location inside the folder.

You may want to read this if you haven’t already:

Thank you!!! This works!!!

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You were using a version of ffmpeg that had been optimised for Vulkan, a shiny new graphics thing.
If it worked before and stopped working, all I can assume is that a Windows update broke something in some way.
The gyan release-essentials is simple, recommended and it works.