Animator life hack and scrolling wheel help (SOLVED)

Hello, I would like to share with you an extremely useful trick I just discovered and also to request your help to make it even better. You need a mouse and a drawing tablet for this. So basically, while you’re holding your pen, put your non dominant hand over the mouse, holding it horizontally with the scroll wheel facing you in such a way that your thumb rests comfortably over it.
Then with your pen hover over to the timeline and with your thumb scroll the wheel. You are now sweeping through your frames like the old pen and paper animators!!
HOWL #113 Animation continues on Sc 45 - YouTube

Kind of. I know you can already control the timeline with the arrow keys or by dragging the cursor along it, but I believe the simple motion your thumb does along with the physical feedback from the scroll wheel makes it a lot more intuitive. To me it feels like using a physical joystick vs a touchscreen joystick. Just cover the mouse’s bottom light with some duct tape to prevent the cursor from shaking.

I love sweeping through the frames this way and it has improved my workflow a lot. There’s only one thing that would make it perfect. Hover over to the drawing area and scroll the wheel: it zooms in and out. Is there any way to edit the program’s properties so that instead of zooming it sweeps through the timeline? That way you’d be able to quickly sweep through your frames without constantly moving your pen over to the timeline, thus improving your workflow a lot and allowing you to focus on the motion even more.

Thank you so much!! Hopefully this is helpful to somebody.

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