Anime fakiu

Hola, es unos de mis primeros trabajos en Krita, espero que les guste, escucho comentarios, gracias.


I think you forgot to add the artwork to the post

Hola, no encuentro la forma de publicar mi obra… sigo la busqueda.
Soy nuevo

English google translation for others reading:

Hello, I can’t find a way to publish my work … I continue the search.
I’m new

@wallas56 just open the directory with your artwork saved in PNG or JPEG format and drag and drop it to the textbox here. It should work then :slight_smile:

Ok gracias

you copied a picture from the web.

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Another complex situation…

The site on which image can be found tells:

You can download and print the best 40 Easy Badass Anime Drawings collection for free. In additon, you can discover our great content using our “search bar” above. You can use these free Easy Badass Anime Drawings for your websites, documents or presentations.

And after, on the image page:

Please, give attribution if you use this image in your website


This content for download files be subject to copyright. If you own this content, please let us contact.

Themselves, asking for ‘attribution’ seems to not know from where the pictures comes :frowning:

So this website is clearly sharing pictures ‘for free’ without doing any control about origin of pictures.
May be the original is image is under a copyright, a CC BY license or public domain…

In any case, the best thing to do is always to provide references when a model is used for a drawing…
(picture can also be found on another sites…)


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So you can just copy pictures from the web?

Not exactly…

In fact, you can copy and/or use as you want a picture that is under public domain or CC0 license for example, without having to justify anything.

For a BY-CC, it will depend of license

  • A BY-CC allows you to use a picture but you have to provide credit to of original author
  • A BY-CC ND allows you to use a picture but you don’t have the right to modify it
  • There’s also some other BY-CC licenses

And a copyrighted picture, forgot, too much constraint and too risky too use, you might have to pay to use it…

The most complicated is to be able to determinate under which license a picture is.
The same image can be found anywhere, without any information about original picture, credits, and licenses…

I’ve provided here some link where you can find pictures under license allowing you to do what you want:

After, you can always use picture under a copyright, but for a personnal use only (ie: you keep the result for you and do not publish it, or at least, do not publish it on KA)


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But @raghukamath says that we can not do it?

Whoops, @Grum999 took most of the words out of my mouth already :sweat_smile:

What I would say is that there are often opportunities for artists to copy/ trace images from the web, without a clear directive on who to credit the source with/ if it’s publicly licensed.

While this practice may be fine for personal work (my view is that any artist, regardless of level, learns far better without tracing from source), as soon as this work is posted in a public space, the tracing artist is possibly liable for copyright infringement.

While the possibility of being caught for this is relatively small considering the obscurity of the web, it is best practice to always credit the source, if tracing, and to not risk gaining the reputation of re-badging another’s work as your own.

There are a few websites that allow you to specify images based under certain licence terms; Creative Commons Search is one of these.

But copyright infringement and intellectual property is a inherent consideration to posting art publicly; the risk of it can be minimised and dealt with through ethical practice.

Hope that helps!

Plus it is a solid idea to make your audience aware, if you are directly tracing reference material.

It would be best to have that in the post, if you are going to do tracing at all.

To add a little bit complexity to the subject, if you made an original fan art (ie: you have created a fan art of a character in posture imagined by yourself with maybe some clothe you’ve drawn by yourself) and publish it under Domain Public or Creative Commons license, what happens?

Because the original character might be under a copyrighted license, I’m not sure that the license you decide to apply to your drawing can be taken in account… I don’t really know :roll_eyes:

This picture for example from CC Search:

Under a CC-BY-NC-SA
But what about the graf’ author rights about the artwork?
What about the Gô Nagai copyright (and maybe the Tōei Animation too) about the Grendizer image?

And to render the subject more complex, laws are not the same in different countries (in US i think they have the fair use that allows a reasonable use of a copyrighted subject, but I’m not sure there’s a real rule about what is a fair use - the judge will decide I think… :thinking:)


To be quite honest, you would have to be a trained lawyer or attorney to fully decipher how copyright laws affect work published in the public domain.

In essence, artists all have very different views of how copyright should affect the work they produce. It’s also a common occurrence to see fanart, of sometimes trademarked characters, be posted publicly by industry professionals (think the ‘Six Fanarts Challenge’ for example)!

The reality of this grey area is the extreme size of the web, and the supposed anonymity it provides to artists and non-artists alike. It is simply too difficult and resource-intensive for companies to stamp out copyright infringement universally (unless you are Disney perhaps). Therefore majority of the time, artists can avoid litigation by preventing any commercialisation of the fanarts they make (but if you make a monetised YouTube process video of your fanarts, is that not commercialisation?) :thinking:.

In that example I believe the user could get away without too much attention, due to the high probability that numerous reproductions of the same Grendizer trademark have been made in the past, and will continue in the future. Plus, the image is also not for commercial use, which doesn’t attract too much legal notice without a severe violation of licence terms.

I get what you are saying though, and no artist can be truly free of copyright risk without directly consulting the owner before posting (an extremely unlikely occurrence).

I could also extend this sentiment to Student versions of digital creation software such as Autodesk and Photoshop, but that’s for a different thread :sleepy:

Yes I say that even now. But you are taking my comment on your posts in a wrong way.
Let me clear the misconception.

You can not copy or trace other peoples artwork unless you have obtained the permission from them, unless the copyright license allows it. Examples of permissive copyright licenses are CC-0, CC-BY etc. Even if you use the pictures with permissive licenses it is advisable to actually give credit to original artists. Will you be happy If I traced your artwork and posted them as mine?

@wallas56 I am moving this thread to lounge since there seems to be no clarity about the original image and it’s copyright.

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