Announcing Art Contest - Four Seasons of Leon and Kiki

Four Seasons of Leon and Kiki Art Contest

We are glad to announce an art contest in partnership with Huion. You can read more about the contest and its rules here -> Four Seasons of Leon and Kiki. You can download the Digital Atelier brush preset bundle for free for the duration of the contest!

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I’m REALLY HYPED for this! Now let’s put all our best on it! :laughing:


Those brushes are awesome! :grin:


This will be fun :slight_smile:

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I have a doubt…

April, 14

March, 9

And google returns another page on which dates are different (March, 14… can send link in MP if needed)


I noticed the same thing!

@Grum999 - Good catch. The correct date is April 14. The March one was an old date that should have been updated. I just updated the page on


Hello. I am so happy to take part of this contest. I downloaded the brushes, but there is an error message coming when I try to open the download. It says the following: Could not open file… Reason: The file cannot be parsed.
Can anyone help me? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Did you get a file called Digital_Atelier.bundle in your Downloads folder, about 18MB in size?

Did you import it into krita using Settings -> Manage Resources -> Import Bundles?

At what stage did you get that error message?

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Okay. I fixed it. it seems that my computer’s virus protection was blocking me from opening the file. I am not a tech person, so please forgive my obvious ignorance. I told my virus protection to trust the source and it worked. Thank you so much for your quick reply. It was greatly appreciated. Now, I just need to work on my creation for the contest. Cheers and take care.

Well I’ll one of those who wait to see many beautiful art styles🥰 since I’m just learning.

Is there a way to sort brushes by their resource bundle?

Yes, while in krita in the brush preset panel click on the “All” dropdown menu and select the brush bundle you would like to use. If you downloaded the new one it will be called digital atelier.

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Are there any references of Leon? There are a few for Kiki, but I haven’t been able to find any for Leon. Thanks

this is the one ive been using from the huion facebok page, designed by Ajamarie Abad…


Aah, Leon is the Huion mascot, didn’t even cross my mind :))

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how do you use Krita im confused

Hello and welcome to the forum Naya :slight_smile:

This topic is about the art contest.
Can you please start another topic for your question?
The ‘+ New Topic’ button is on the main webpage when you’re logged in, at the right hand side, just above the row of featured images.

EDIT:ADD As you seem to know.