Another Artist (vtuber) using Krita

I think she only used it once for this stream though.

… and she used it for the first time ever in this video! A statement that also emerges from the rules to be allowed to view this video. Ouch!

Oops, didn’t think this video would ever be mentioned here, I’ve known about it for at least half a year.

Did you just want to introduce this video, or do you want people to give their opinion on it? A video where there are rules for the viewers… (okay, some make sense, BUT: AO-chan is always watching…follow the rules if you don’t want to be snapped into the void)


it is just something I found interesting and was sharing.

Definitely a different form of software introduction, probably not intended for my age group. :sweat_smile:


The rules seem to be for viewers taking part in the chat during the live session this is a recording of.

  1. Don’t raid other channels or discuss me in other channels unless I am mentioned first

For me, this excludes the allowance to talk about it elsewhere, but I might be nitpicking. :sweat_smile:


Ao-chan is a very good artist c: , the video has several thousand views and although she only used Krita once, she managed to get many interested in trying it and using it.

Maybe the only bad thing is that at first she had problems with some things, it reminds me of me when I tried to use Krita for the first time a few years ago, it took me 4 tries :sweat_smile: