Anti-aliasing is still applied when unchecked but using pressure sensitivity

Type of device* : Graphics tablet
Brand and version of the device: Wacom Graphire 2
System** : Linux

In the Krita brush settings, if I uncheck “Anti-aliasing”, the pixels are sharp and correct if painting with the mouse. But when painting with my graphics tablet using pressure sensitivity to control the size, anti-aliasing is still applied, making the pixels fuzzy and the fill bucket leaves a halo when filling in the drawn area.

In GIMP I do not have this problem, I can use pressure sensitivity to control the size and use the “pencil tool” (the equivelant of no anti-aliasing) and the brush changes size with pressure, and no anti-aliasing, so the fill bucket doesn’t leave a halo.

It means I have to keep switching back to GIMP for certain types of artwork…

Is there a work around for this?