Any fellow transgender artists wanna hang out and talk?

I want someone to hang out and talk about art and trans stuff with me.
It does not matter what gender you identify with to me, at all, girl, boy, both, neither, it doesn’t matter! I’ll respect it no matter what!
As for pronouns, just either have them in your bio, or just tell me. (if you use neopronouns, I’ll call you by they/them. I have a very hard time remembering them)
As far as art goes, your skill level does not matter, beginner or pro.
I currently cannot draw digitally for personal reasons.

I just want someone to talk to, mostly about art, but every so often I want to talk to someone about being trans to someone who is also trans. :))

I’m a transgender man, but has not come out or transitioned yet. I can’t really give any advice on coming out of the closet, or transitioning.

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I’m genderfluid (I use all pronouns, but my preference changes often) does that count?

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Why would it not? Is they/them ok?



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Alright, anytime you want to hang out just send a private message :))) I’m open to talk anytime.

I’m not much of an artist, but I am Krita’s maintainer, and I’m a trans girl :slight_smile:


Oh, I know, we talked before! I loved talking to you!

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