Any way to optimise new nodes created on performing Vector Boolean Operations?

On performing Vector Boolean operations like intersect,divide etc a large number of new nodes are formed in the newly created path.

Any way to optimise/decrease them (without losing geometry)?

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Krita does seem to replace nicely defined two-node curves with many nodes along the curve.
Inkscape doesn’t seem to do that so if you’re doing a lot of specifically vector work you may want to give it a try.

Did you ever get an answer to this? It’s driving me nuts

No,there doesn’t seem to be any way to optimise/reduce node (like the ‘Optimise’ feature provided in Inkscape).

I usually use erase/destination in mode in a group layer containing vector layers to solve this problem. I personally never had issues with doing that. I don’t expect Krita to be optimized with vectors as it was never designed to be a vector app in the first place.