April 2020 - My Latest Artworks

Some of my latest works;











You’ve been busy! :grinning:

That bike looks great! So glad I get to see the finished piece as it was just line art when I last saw it in your CA sketchbook! Your use of colour seems to be improving a lot! :+1:


Expression of the decorations and glass are great!

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@Mythmaker bro! I didn’t know you were on here and that you’re a krita user! and since 2014… wow. what have you been up to since the CA days?

Those are some really cool paintings, nicely done! The first one is my favorite :slight_smile:

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thanks @slightlyangrydodo

you also just reminded me to visit your april challenge thread before april is over. Thanks for that too!

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Nice, you’re always welcome to join in any time!

Hey dude! :wink:

Yeah… well… I don’t recall mentioning it before! :sweat: I also used gimp for years before I switched! :innocent:

Since CA I’ve been in cryostasis - hoping to wake up one day and it all being back to normal… Myth doesn’t like change… :pensive:

I’ve also been dabbling with comic writing and illustrating. Not finished anything yet - but it’s been a interesting challenge and I intend to keep at it.

I’d really like to get some new art pieces done though - it’s been so long since I’ve really pushed myself and seen what I can do at my best…

Glad to be here though!


Well I’m glad you’re slowly starting to do art again. Take your time with the artwork and slowly ease into it. So long as you’re spending a few minutes to an hour on it everyday, you’ll be in top shape in no time.

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I didn’t stop making art - but I haven’t being doing full illustrations since CHOW etc.

Maybe it sounds like that because I’m dramatising it?! :weary:

It’s true that I haven’t finished any full personal pieces for years though - that’s what I’m trying to convey when I say I haven’t pushed myself. I’ve had a few that I lost interest in because they took too long. That’s the main reason I was doing the CA challenges - to improve my process; because I’m impatient and jump ahead of myself - then get left with technical problems I should have solved early on…

Oh the humanity!.. :weary:


@Mythmaker it sounds like you were having the same problems I was having earlier in this decade… I totally UNDERSTAND the tedium and boredom of working on a piece for long amounts of time. That is why I tend to cap working on any long illustration to one hour max on any given day. I would rather finish an illustration in a few months chipping at it an hour a day rather than rushing through it in one week. I end up being a zombie whenever I do that… staring at one piece for too long… It also helps to do speed paints… that way, I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something as well as working on my long grinds.

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It’s very well !! I like your style !

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I love these kind of posts with lot of content. i save to watch later. :wink:

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Ok, I’m inspired ! … I was feeling artist block until I saw your set of paintings and your technique. My favorite was the fruit pickers. Very nice work, thank you for sharing . :slight_smile:

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Thank you @naloe

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That Tricycle is so cool! i love the colors you used on it.

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Thanks boss!

It seems by your videos and art that you are truly a bike enthusiast.
Please, if any of you ever get on a bike(motor), please do abide by the basic training.
The artist seems to be educated on these subjects and I know drawings are inspiring…
… Don’t let that deter you from riding a bike, just follow the basic rules. But when riding… “consider your life on the line”. Always take care, because it sometimes always seem fair. I have known a few of my friends that died on a motorcycle, but it wasn’t their fault. Shit happens. It still is your choice. Helmet or not. Bike safe brothers and sisters!
The art, animation, videos is outstanding!

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Wow! Every artwork is great but I think I like the first one the most! It has a lot of phantasy in it but also looks practical for real-life-usage - driving a bike in the rain without getting wet (I love that imagination…)

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Thank you @Alina_the_Hedgehog @Metallicow