Arc Landscape


Looks great. I wonder what are your influences, what are your favourite landscape painters of all time?
The pointy part in the middle kind of looks like the old man of Storr :smiley:

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He’s from Switzerland. All his paintings are views from his bedroom window. :wink:

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Yeah living in Switzerland kind of helps when drawing mountains.

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Thank you. I get inspired by my imagination and of course everything around me. I don’t use specific references, I just enjoy building landscapes.

My favorite landscape artists are

A. Bierstadt
S. R. Percy
K. Y. Kryzhitsky
I. Levitan
B. W. Leader
R: Schmid


While checking up the painting of K. Yakovlevich :slight_smile:

(center of the printscreen)

Haha, my bad I just found his full name in fact is “Konstantin Yakovlevich Kryzhitsky”. He’s an awesome landscape artist.