Are there any plans or work already in progress for animation?

I’m wondering, I read some hints here and there but nothing particular.

Is there anything planned for animation branch this year and if so is there any info to what it might be?

I’ve been trying some animation now and got a spot when I’m thinking about making some smaller plugins to help me out with the workflow but I don’t want to make something which would be in a several months already part of Krita as that would be waste of time.

I know that resource rewrite is now a big thing, and that animation is not the main focus but all I’m asking is if there’s any info and the more specific the better ;-).

Thank you guys for any info on this matter.

As for paid developers, I don’t think anyone is invested onto the animation features right now. But as far as I get, we would love to fix our audio subsystem and add support for tweening with the vector layer.

I’m totally invested, just cannot work on that right now :wink:

Work in progress:

  • animated transform mask (will allow for tweening)
    Planned (by me, not by the project, but still!)
  • simpler changing the fps at least by 2^n: x2, x4, x0.5, x0.25
  • fixing cache issues :confused:

What plugins are you thinking of?

Well, I was wondering about tweening and some kind of graph editor for easing and such.

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll look forward to seeing where you get your projects to :wink: .

@hellozee thanks too. :slight_smile:

If you’re really interested, I could help you build Krita on your own with patches to get the animation tweening working. There are still some culprits like the fact that you can’t save it - I tried to fix it but… it’s hard - so you need to merge the mask with the layer before closing Krita.

Oh that’s so nice of you but it’s ok, I can wait. I just didn’t want to spend weeks/months working on something which is already being done by someone else ;0.

I’ll be looking into something else in the mean time with Krita but thanks a lot!