Art block

Yesterday in the afternoon I started painting a self portrait with the RGBA brushes on @RamonM’s Smart Canvas template for oil. At first it looked awful, but I trusted the process and then it was looking great. When it was getting late I closed the tab. I realised, that I didn’t save my work the whole time, but Krita always asks you if you want to save your painting. I clicked “yes”. Ok, the tab was closed, but now Krita shows up a message. I think it went like this: “The file couldn’t be saved”, and then “Krita doesn’t support that file” or something, I’m not completely sure. But now my painting is gone and I have no motivation to draw anything. Is there a way to boost my motivation again?

Accept that a mistake was made. Get used to the idea that more mistakes will be made in the future.
Develop working methods that will minimise this sort of damage, such as regular Save actions and also making separate backup copies of work that is very complicated or is taking a long time.

Paint that self portrait again, maybe starting with a sketch. It’s like falling off a horse or a bicycle, it hurts but you get back on it and carry on.


Thank you so much, after reading your message, something just pushed me to start again,and I told myself I would make the painting even better! I really appreciate your advice.


I remember being working in PS and crashed after 2 hours of hard work. Damn! Autosave wasn’t there. It was my fault but hey! It was hard. So i had to repeat everything. But i was surprised how fast i painted the same and better.
Lesson i learnt: No matter what happens you will do it better the next time because you have more experience now. :wink:


I agree, I’m now almost at the same part of the painting as before, and I can already see the progress I’ve made. And by the way it’s the first time using the RGBA brushes, and they’re great!


Here’s the finished portrait.

One thing i struggle with the most is accepting that “practise” is a long way and that you simply need to repeatedly do the same stuff over and over again to get really good at it. For example when i see the various styles of clouds artists have (for example vladimir kush) i always come to the conclusion that he probably just drew clouds hundreds of times until he perfected his own style for that particular object. And that object is what i’m seeing in the known paintings.

So basically the lesson would be: Don’t try to make the one perfect artwork, but rather see it as practise and a small step on the long journey that is making art.

But as i said, i myself struggle a lot with really understanding and accepting that. Often when i draw something the first time in my life i’ll get frustrated if it doesn’t work out how i wish…


The important thing is that you drew it, not if it saved or not. Simply do it again and you will probably already be better or have a concept in mind to go for. Maybe you see the first parts you would want to change which you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.


I certainly agree with you.

I love fudgesicles (homemade) and I painted some to get me out of artblock today. Just paint things you love. Food, activity…
I also get a kick out of trying new brushes (some I made) or techniques / features like this one


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