Art Game Proposal

Remembering the game where you fold papers and hand it around. Everybody drawing the next body part. At the end you have some strange and interesting figures.

Can we fold papers in Krita yet? :stuck_out_tongue: jk

I was just thinking about some collaborative efforts, like someone starts a picture and someone else finishes it. Like for example I paint a landscape and some space to draw something in. Or a drawing that only show the upper body and someone can draw the lower body. Or some abstract art.

This would be just for fun and could be amusing,


Hi! I moved the topic to “Site Feedback” since we already have some suggestions about the site there :slight_smile:

I quite like the idea. Not sure if I would participate, but for sure it would be fun to watch.

Also “folded layers” could be just hidden layers in Krita, with only meeting points drawn on the top, visible layer - and then every artist creates a new layer and just draws their own part so that it fits those points, and then hide it, saves the file and give someone else (and of course unhiding would spoil all the fun :wink: ).

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I love the idea. This could be really fun and a great way to fight art block.

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Yeah that’s true. It could either more serious effort or just having fun not worring about the outcome too much.

I like the idea, I would be down for that!

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I’d totally paint something into your landscapes. I’m just worried that whatever I put there is outmatched by your incredible landscape paintings. x3
But I’d offer some works for others to finish too.

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That sounds like fun - I warn you, I don’t have the best ink lines yet :joy: And it would be nice to have someone else do the background, I’m lazy lol

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Of course, two not matching styles could hurt but also create something interesting. On the other side it could also be a challenge to try matching. I understand all the difficulties that arise from doing such a collaborative effort depending on the subject and type or artwork.

I would propose my last two landscape “sketches”. If anyone feels like adding vegetation, decoration, a character or animal. Go on. I have no problem with it.

I find exploring other styles a lot of fun (although very hard). Just did it recently with My Little Pony and now I admire cartoon artists even more for their ability to abstract and simplify (I’m normally one of these artist who paints every single patch of fur).

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I once tried to make a picture of Kiki with all different styles to show how flexible Krita is. Unfortunately I’m not that good at anime :wink: It was supposed to be that the head is anime, the dress and one leg are in Bororendering, the pen and the other leg aren in this weird flat-colors-and-airbrush-only style that some people seem to like (or don’t know better :stuck_out_tongue: ) and the tail in a textured style that resembles traditional chalk paintings.
Now of course it looks like two styles, not five :stuck_out_tongue: I should’ve made the tail in a oil-like style, I guess.
I mean, it shows that (1) it could look ok with different styles, (2) but it’s not that easy to do :wink:

@tiar that looks great. Do you know R. Williams Animators Survival Kit ? This is the cover animated :slight_smile:

Or another another Idea for some kind collaborative effort that would cancel out style.

I propose an image with all sorts of shapes in black. Kind of a library. Goal is to create a landscape or a character. You’re only alowed to duplicate them, rotate them, scale them and alter value or hue.

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I have created new subcategory under #contest-games-collab known as #contest-games-collab:art-games-duels you can post there to start this

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If you put that into #collaboration then I’m in.

Correction that is #contest-games-collab:collaboration :slight_smile:

How did you make the hashtag appear as a link? When I tried it, it appeared as normal text.

I just started typing it and it started showing me the suggestions for it like how it shows for emojis

Weird, that’s how I did it to. Hm.

I just leave this here, before going to bed.

I post it to the collab thread again once it is officially opened by @Soma .


Wow that’s so cool! Haha, love it. I think the left guy needs to be a little smaller and mb some light catching. Other than that you nailed it!

I’m busy just wanted to thanks for the participation :slight_smile: