"Art Talkers"

Yo, as I am currently almost addicted to Art Podcasts/Videos etc., where art making meets philosophic or creative talk, I was curious who might be out there that I don’t know yet. Most of the people I watch have “small” audiences of about 100k or 200k (okay not small but you get what I mean), so there might be a good chance I missed some gems.

I’ll start:
Adam Duff - LUCIDPIXUL → YouTube
Sam Lewis - SLEW → YouTube

They both have a nice unique way of reflecting on art in general and always make me leave wanting to create. Maybe someone out here needs or wants that sometime! :slight_smile:

Just started listening to the “Creative Endeavor”, the subject matter is almost always physical painting, but the stories of these artists are still very inspiring and definitely a must watch. I’ve watched several episodes and am still very engaged!

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Stephen Silver have two huge playlist about art talks and Industry discussions.

Marco Bucci sometimes upload Videos about topics like Art Industry, freelancing, personal motivation etc. too. It’s not so much content but for me always very valuable.

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