(asap) Weird lag, by weird i mean weird lag behavior

When i was just casually drawing for 6 hours, at the 6 hour mark it started kagging; i didnt think of it much because it was lagging earlier but just for 2 second, but this lag continued for 20 mins trying to fix it, but when i came back to krita and used my mouse it wasnt lagging, i tried drawing with it to (ofc it looked bad, but it wasnt lagging, then i tried the tablet it was lagging. I fixed it by quitting some apps, but even after that it lagged from time to time

Sounds a bit like Krita ran out of RAM and started swapping. But it’s hard to tell without more details.

What details do you need to identify it?

Everything. you didn’t mention the machine your using, it’s specs, what tablet, how much RAM Krita used (hard to find out afterwards), Krita’s performance settings, how big your project was, what exactly you were doing. They’re so many things that can cause lag without Krita even being involved. It’s always hard to tell.

oki oki, il do it in maybe 30 mins, imma just finish something up rq

macbook air 11inch 2015, 4gb ram 1600 MHz DDR3, Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB, 1.6 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, veiikk s640, krita is using max ram limit (4gb), cpu limit is on max, graphics accel: on, bilinear filtering, no texture buffer, project canvas: 2000x3000 res: 300, i was stroking with a custom airbrush for sketching, and every stroke it gets more delayed and more laggy/

On the bottom of the Krita window there should be an indicator of how much memory Krira needs and it also shows if it’s swapping. Swapping is when memory needs to be copied to the hard drive because the memory is full. Because drives are much slower than RAM and copying takes time too, this makes programs very slow when that happens.

hehe im blind i didnt see the photo attached, what do you mean copying the memory to the hdd

This is done by the operating system you can’t influence that on your own.

You can allow Krita to use more resources under SettingsConfigure KirtaPerformance

There are several tabs where you can change performance settings.

Keep in mind that even if you allow 100% usage for Krita, other applications on your computer and the operating system itself need RAM too so what actually is available to Krita can be much less. I don’t know much about Mac but on a typical windows installation about 3 GB of RAM are already taken by Windows itself, with not much left for other applications.

It says swap used “14.4mib” is that norm or something?

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It shouldn’t swap at all, that would be the best. If it swaps, that means Krita isn’t getting enough memory to work with.

So would it help to quit all apps other than krita? just krita is running and ofc the operating syst

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For a while but it has its limits. Either use smaller projects or better yet, install more RAM. My phone has more than double than your Mac. 4 GB isn’t much to run any memory intense applications which graphic editing unfortunately is.

But I guess you can not simply upgrade a Mac.

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@Noca With your Mac just started up from power down and no applications running, how much total system RAM is in use?
If you start krita then create a new image of 2000 x 3000, how much total system RAM is in use?
At that stage, what is left as available RAM will be all that your working image can use before system level swapping starts to happen.
If you have other applications running, system level swapping will happen even sooner.