Audio not playing (Qmediaplayer)

Whenever I add an audio source wither that’s MP3 or WAV they wont play when I press play on the timeline and instead the message," The Qmediaplayer object does not have a valid service shows" plays. I have scoured the web looking for answers but I can’t find any. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Krita plenty times but this problem presits. Is it something to do with Python scripting or something? Thank you for your help.

Which version of krita are you using and where did you get it from?
Which operating system are you using?

Uninstalling and reinstalling krita will have no effect.

If you render out an animation to an .mp4 file, does it play well and with audio ok?

Do you have Qmediaplayer in some form installed on your computer?
If so, my instinct would be to uninstall it and try again.

I have Krita 4.4.1 on Windows 10.
No audio comes out when you convert to Mp4 and I don’t have Qmediaplayer installed on my computer. I belive it might be something to do with the python scripting if Krita uses Qmediaplayer.

Where did you get krita 4.4.1 from?
Is it the installed package or the portable .zip from the official download site, or installed from Steam or bought on the Microsoft Store?

Can you try using the portable .zip package? It can be run with no effects on your installed version and won’t affect your configs etc.

Do .mp3 files play ok with your music player application.
Do .mp4 files (those which you know have audio in them) play ok in your video player application?
Can you try using the VLC player for .mp4 files rendered out from krita?

Where did you get ffmpeg from?
The recommended package for Windows 7 and 10 is here:

In the target/destination folder for your animated with audio .mp4 file output, is there a file called log_encode.log?
If so, please make it available via a link to a file sharing service or a pastebin. It can be quite large so please don’t paste it as a reply here.

I got my Krita from the website. Where can I find the zip package?
I am using Audacity as my music player which works just fine and I can’t find a video player that would play mp4s they only got turned into pictures after rendering the animation which showed, " It looks like we don’t support this file format". Im not sure what or where a VCL player is? I used the correct FFmpeg.

Here is the Windows 64-bit portable .zip:

The free and well respected VLC player is here:

Here is the manual section for rendering animations. Please note the Warning at the end of the section:

Can you proovide the log_encode.log file as I asked before?

I have both the zip version of Krita and the VLC player working(thank you). Is there a way I can send the log_encode to you so I dont clog this forum like you said?

If you don’t have a file sharing service like Dropbox, etc then you can use a file sharing website such as or use a pastebin site.

ffmpeg version Copyright © 2000 -
Log_encode is here

Your .mp4 output filename is ‘;hk.mp4’ which is unusual but it does work, Did you mean to put the semicolon in the name?

According to the encoding log, ffmpeg rendered the .mp4 file with the audio file ‘pilotredsun - firebeetle.wav’ and was successful.

So, does that play in the VLC player?

Can you make the .mp4 file available via a file sharing link using

The thing is that all over the world, many people have Windows 10 and krita 4.4.1 installed and they have no problem with putting audio onto an animation, playing it in krita and rendering it out as an .mp4 file with audio that plays.

I think there’s something particular and peculiar about your computer with the audio subsystem.

This animation is just a test one to see if I can get audio.

The song does play in VLC player and so does anything else I add

I don’t doubt that its something in particular about my audio systems as my computer could play audio just fine before I resected my computer. Again thank you for your work!