Audio starts on selected frame instead of frame 0

i put a piece of audio into krita on the animation workspace preset. it is an mp3 file. i have some keyframes with drawings on them. when i hit play from frame 0, the drawings and the audio are synced with the timeline. however, whenever i select a frame other than frame 0, and hit play, the audio starts at that frame instead of playing from like, the middle of the audio like it’s supposed to. the drawings, however, are still perfectly synced to the timeline. i’m on the newest version of krita, 5.0.6, and i’m on windows 10. i have already submitted an issue but none of their suggestions worked and i gave up. i did find a bug report that was the exact same as my issue, but it didn’t state any steps to reproduce and didn’t state any fix. please help, my career is animations on youtube and i can’t make full animations on pencil2d and krita is perfect for me but i just can’t animate with this issue, it is possible but incredibly tedious to do so with this bug.

oh and by the way this is the issue with all framerates and all mp3s that i put in

Even if it doesn’t help you right now, this should interest and probably please you.

As you can see, the devs are aware that there are issues, and they care about these issues, but such things take time.