Audio when animating

Hello, so, i was trying to see if krita would work for animating because the other program i used crashed and didnt save even when its supposed to save every 15 minutes. I worked over 15 minutes. So i import audio and test. Everything works fine. And i usually like lip-syncing so i try to see if i drag a frame i could hear audio, And sure enough i could a little, But it would only play a millisecond of the audio every i would guess 30 frames that i had dragged over. Note: im working in 15 fps.
I would like to know if theres any way to fix this.

thanks in advance! :smile:

The audio playback is not good at all with scrubbing the timeline or synching on playback. Quite simply, krita doesn’t have ‘audio workstation’ class software because it’s difficult. The audio is passed over to ffmpeg for rendering and that does sync the audio well to the animation.
If you want good control over your audio content on the video then a video editor application (e.g Kdenlive or similar) would be the best way to go.