automated brush icons, krita helps create brush icon?

what do you think of computer generated brush images? I think the option will be good. We can still keep the normal option too.

It is unique to krita for creating fun icons but it can cause some user difficulty. Some users like me likes to have clean looking icon when drawing. They have to take time to make it look nice. Opening up a new canvas to edit each picture…trying to work with the icon library (have to go back to library if “clear icon” because of bad brush stroke). And some are not really skilled at making icons but still want some icons.

When I am drawing and edit the brush… then I get a new unique brush present! But I have to edit a new picture to match my other brushes…what if I only use “show details”? I use the pop up wheel alot so it feels distracting.

I think there are some people who do not like creating icons…I read a brush creator on social media was frustrated they need to create an icon for every brush…and they make like…a lot of brushes…

It feels like a thin invisible barrier to people who need to create a lot or people who is not good at making good icons or other reasons. It feels like a good freedom to create special icons just for your brushes to some.

I love to create icons but i am slow at it (to make it look nice). Sometimes I just want to create brushes and to not be distracted. I’m very very grateful for custom ui of krita but in a way I feel forced to customize brush icons for my user needs (to stay consistent and be non-distracting). Idk…it just feels messy and wrong but what if you really like to see the icon page instead of details and you feel like ??? Or : (

Even if it is only the brush tip image I have to move over to new canvas, and make it fit because the brush size is too big or too small for the save new present window/dialog.

I want to convey my experience with krita-artists. It is a conflicting thing for me but I feel like I should share it. Do you think krita will benefit from this feature in the future (with normal brush creation staying too)? What is your experience with this?


This raises the obvious question of what an auto-generated icon would look like. Which brush preset qualities and properties would affect its appearance and in what way?

If I was making a set of brushes and wanted some nice icons for them, I’d take one or more of the many sets of brush presets that have already been produced, bulk rename them from .kpp to .png then open them and possibly do a HSV shift on them and some other decor/modification effects. Then Export them as .png for use as a ‘new’ icon library for my personal use.


I believe an automated image using pen pressure will be good. It can be the “s” shape (we might have to keep zoom level bigger to see clearer). It can fill up the whole square from top to bottom. Maybe it will only show the brush tip. Or to match krita brush theme better:

Default generated brush icon has a brush/pen and then a “stroke”. This stroke is alpha locked and the "texture of the brush is there. That raised the question for brushes like clone and more…will there be a need for krita to recognize and turn the clone brush into a normal brush for the generated image?

So maybe just generate the brush tip and have option to change hsv for better difference if not possible for above…

Right now it is hard to keep consistency of making matching brush icons without exportation. Your suggestion is great and I did similar.

But I can not get the stroke correct and have to load icon more or the brush is too big to draw on the library icon so more steps are needed :sweat_smile:

Even a solution to keep library icon loaded and option to clear the stroke again and again will be good. And option to keep a standard brush size to see texture.

You can repeatedly press any of the Load options or Clear Thumbnail to ‘wipe’ your mistakes and try again.

I am glad there are those options but I am maybe just not good at it. I wlil try to make peace with the options and hope for an automated way so there is no worry for creating each icon image.

thank you for the discussion and hope you are not annoyed with my persistence of automated icons :sweat_smile:

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Not at all. If I wasn’t in a state of enraptured fascination then I wouldn’t be here :slight_smile:


How would you even code something like this? Like a Frankenstein random?
Sounds like tons and tons of work for something that would be barely used.

I think what would be possible is if there were rows of automated brush display like this in the brush toolbar, instead of just brush icon.