Automatic download of images


On this reply The Iron Golem the system have automatically downloaded image from external link…

I can understand that it’s better that artists upload directly their drawings on KA rather than providing link to external site.

But here, I take care to not upload a picture on KA and provide an external link because of copyrights.
The picture was just provided as a reference to illustrate an explanation.

So now, there’s a copyrighted picture automatically downloaded in forum :roll_eyes:

Is it really wanted?


Ok, let’s try (I wrote the link here in a special way):

! [ Image ]  ( actual link )

Sometime people just put a link from their Deviant art or other image hosting service to submit an artwork. In such cases the image is broken and it affects gallery. Also when the image gets deleted from the source the conversation now has broken images, this is why images is downloaded by discourse. If you need to just provide a link use the [ link ] ( url ) method rather than ! [ image ] (link) method.




The image have been downloaded :slight_smile:


Hi @raghukamath

Yes I understand perfectly
My message was just to be sure that everyone was aware of the automatic download risks, as some drawings has already been removed from KA due to some copyrights doubts :slight_smile:

I will try to take care to provide links rather than image links, but providing an external link rather than including an external image it’s not really the same result :sweat_smile: