Automatic switching to brush mode

The brush selector is disabled when you don’t have the brush tool selected. This took a while and quite a bit of stabbing the selector before I figured it out.

Instead it would i.m.o. be reasonable to assume that when you select a brush you want to use the brush tool, so the selector can be active when you use select and/or deform tools for example, and when you select a brush you get automatically switched to brush mode.

What do you think?


I think I have seen something like this before. The thing is, presets are not only for one tool (Freehand Brush Tool): the other tools, like line tool, poly line tool, polygon tool, multi-brush tool, all interact with presets. Barely talking about “brush mode” is not meaningful here, because it may be the case that you want to change your preset when using, say, polygon tool.

True. Maybe switching back to the previously used tool that uses brushes?

Say you used the line tool, you select and transform something and select another preset and get back to the line tool.

Just noticed that the selector icon does change when you switch between brush and select mode, but it’s so subtle that if you don’t see it happening you won’t see any difference.

It’s a wired thing when I choose a brush icon from panel or toolbar and Krita don’t automatically switch back to brush tool. So I have to click B or hit the Brush icon again to activte it.

Hope next version can fix this problem.

I agree. I’ve used Krita for ages and I still forget to click on the brush tool when wanting to draw after using another tool. It’s an obstacle in ones workflow. Clicking on a brush should activate the brush tool. This could be an option to activate in the settings.

I think that in general, the developers are wary of adding options unless it seems very necessary. They don’t want the Settings to turn into an ‘option jungle’.

I see, and that is probably a good thing :slight_smile: