Autosave and Manual Save not working

This has happened twice. The first time, I manually saved the artwork (ctrl+s) before exiting and selected to save when the pop-up showed up when I tried to exit the program. I went back to work on it a couple of days later and nothing from that session had saved.
I turned on autosave to 1 min intervals and redid the work to the best of my ability, manually saving
(file->save) every once in a while. I try to re-open it a couple of hours later and all the progress is gone, and it is back to what it looked like before the first session.
I found the backup file with the ~ after the title and opened it, and it was the same as the original file. I checked the %temp% folder on my computer and there were no .kra documents in it. I found a file called .climber.kra-autosave.kra (climber was what I saved the piece as) and when I try to open it Krita says the file doesn’t exist, and under the properties of the file it says that it is 0 bytes and has no creation or modification dates.
I checked Properties-> Previous Versions of all the documents and none of them had any progress. I tried unhiding hidden files on my computer and found nothing. I checked the .jpeg versions of the work and they were all also outdated.
If anyone knows a way to recover it or fix this problem, please tell me.

This reminds me of an older Krita bug where Krita had issues saving into folders that get synced (windows cloud, dropbox, etc.) Aparrantly this was fixed in version 4.1.3

Could that be the problem in your case?

That does look like the exact same problem, but I’m running on version 4.4.1, so if it was fixed in 4.1.3 I don’t know how it happened.
I also did a search of my whole computer for it in case it saved in a different folder or something and came out empty, besides another version of .climber.kra-autosave.kra that gets a Missing Shortcut error.