Autosave mixup for files starting with a number

I’m unsure whether this is working as intended, a feature supposed to aid in versioning files somehow, or if it’s a bug, but I’ve noticed that if several files contained in one folder share a filename, and vary only with a prefix number - say, “1 test.kra”, “2 test.kra”, “3 test.kra” - then krita will only create one autosave file for all of them - titled simply “. test.kra” and will attempt to load it every time you open either of the files.

I don’t really need any assistance with managing this - it’s a “problem” trivial to avoid - but I would just like to bring this up as I’m uncertain if it’s a functionality, or a bug

This happens in the 4.3.0 and 4.4.0 appimages. (I haven’t tested Windows.)

If you call them “1-test.kra”, “2-test.kra”, etc then there is one autosave file called “-test.kra-autosave.kra”

For “1atest.kra”, etc then there is one autosave file called “atest.kra-autosave.kra”.

For the “1 test.kra” naming, I see one autosave file called " test.kra-autosave.kra" , not “.test.kra-autosave.kra”.

If you name them as “x test.kra”, “y test.kra” and “z test.kra” then they each have correctly named autosave files.
It seems to be a problem with leading numbers.

It is surprisingly hard to figure out how to number files that already contain numbers… This is another bug, but I don’t look forward to solving it. Maybe I should ask one of the others…

Fixed in :slight_smile: Thanks for noticing!

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