Autumn Walk

Kiki and Leo are walking through a forest of Autumn Leaves, and being the short Leo is Kiki help carried him and enjoyed the beautiful autumn scenery they had seen so far


Hi @B.M

Nice work :slight_smile:

If I may, for the contest, it’s written:
The artwork must contain the Huion and Krita logos as an integrated element, not just copied and pasted.

Don’t know who is the jury but I think if you want to have chance to win a prize, you should follow this recommendation :wink:
It would be sad to be disqualified for this oversight.


pretty nice, but it need to contain the krita symbol too to go in.

Ah, I guess I forgotten to reveal it. Thank you for telling me about it

nice work well done
I suggest you to work on highlights and shadows. It makes your work way better

I’m still new for digital art, maybe at the beginner level so thanks for the advice ^^