Aya Ueto portrait

A portrait of the japanese actress Aya Ueto, edit time 5 hours 22 minutes.

Gif of the process :grin:


Any critique is welcome!


Excellent! and Welcome! What brushes did you use?

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Thank you, glad to be here!

I used these brushes, all from Krita 4 Default Resources bundle, except for the customized one.

For sketching

  • Pencil-4 Soft
  • Charcoal Pencil Large

For color painting

  • Wet Bristles
  • Wet Bristles Rough
  • Wet Paint Details
  • Bristles-1 Details
  • Blender Basic
  • and a customized based on Wet Circle brush

Cool! Thank you! Looking forward to more!

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I did not know the actress and had to Google her. Having looked at the reference and your image, you drew her very well in my opinion. Works for me and the GIF gives me a good insight into your process, thanks for that!

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Thank you so much for your comment and glad you have found the GIF useful.

Something is really awkward with her face…

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What would you change to make it less awkward?

not quite sure since I am not seeing the original image but maybe the eye placement. they seem tilted and the spacing to the center seems off.

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Yep, I had problems with the eyes placement, here is the ref.

Yeah, might be slightly off…maybe that near eye (her left) is tilted up slightly on the outside…not certain…just a quick look at ref.

Still it’s a hellofa great job!

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Yep, I think so, thanks for the comment!

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if you allow it, i’ve made a quick paintover. the overall image work well but i think some features are a little bit “off” :
nose is a little bit shorter, eyes and mouth are too small and the ear is too high.
usually asian poeople have "bigger"cheekbones

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No problem! thanks for the critique and taking the time to do a paint over. You’re right on the corrections and yep the ear was really too high :sweat_smile:. Note taken for future portraits!