Back again

Hello all

I’ve been having a difficult time the last couple of weeks, which is why I wanted to stop drawing about two weeks ago. Have many accounts deleted, including my forum account. Luckily I wanted to get creative again, so I started drawing with Krita again. I just realized that even when I’m not doing so well, drawing helps me.

I am very happy that I am back again. This forum and the members are just great. So much information and help. Thanks to the Krita team and all the members for that.

I started my first (oil) painting three days ago and finished it today. Will upload it later in the gallery. Is it allowed to post a link to Deviantart in de Gallery/Artwork if I only want to upload a small resolution as a preview for the forum?



Welcome back :slight_smile: ! Hope you carry on enjoying it here.
I also look forward to seeing your painting :wink:


Welcome back :slight_smile: I hope things can get better for you in the near future.
It’s ok to upload a low resolution image here and then give a link to the full resolution image on your personal Deviantart or similar account.

Sometimes you have to do this because the forum has a file size upload limit of 3MB.


Just be careful, posting too many links if you’re a new account can trigger an auto-spam filter.

Thank you very much for the nice welcome :smiley:

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