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When working with Photoshop I was in the habit of saving a copy of the file, adding a letter “b” or the number “2” to the name. I did this regularly and used “Save As…” anyway, as I didn’t know about “Save a Copy”. This last command I now use in Gimp and Inkscape.

Now, in Krita, besides “Save as” there is “Save Incremental version” and “Save Incremental Backup”. Which one do I use?

Note: I had configured Krita to do an automatic backup, but I didn’t like it because I prefer to manage the backups myself…

Well that’s purely a matter of preference…
I personally prefer incremental backup, because it keeps the file name the same, that way I can’t get confused which file is the latest version.

With incremental version it happened that i started working e.g. on version 4 while version 5 was the latest…but that’s also because I have a lot of development versions of Krita around that sometimes mess with each other’s recent file list.

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I don’t understand: do they do the same thing? I wanted to leave only one copy, not several…

You will always have many copies using these options. The difference is one the file you are on is renamed and a new one is created, the other a new file is created with a sequential number and you continue on your original file.

For what you want save as would work better. Or leave the auto backup on to create the .kra~ file

• LunarKreatures: In that case, I’ll stick with “Save as”…

If you have a file called “file.kra”:

“Save Incremental Version” will save your current state as “file_001.kra”, then as “file_002.kra”, then “file_003.kra”. Note that in “Recent Documents” you’ll see “file_003.kra”. File called “file.kra” will have the oldest state. (You’ll get a new file every time you click “Save Incremental Version”).

“Save Incremental Backup” will create a file called “file~000.kra” and then “file~001.kra” and “file~002.kra”. At the same time, “file.kra” will get updated to the latest state. (You’ll get a new file every time you click “Save Incremental Backup”).

I personally use “Save Incremental Version”. I like to have all versions of the file, and I don’t like backup files very much.

Btw there is one more option if you want, an automatic backup strategy. By default, Krita always first creates a backup file and then overwrites the main document if you use plain “Save”. You can change this behaviour in Settings → Configure Krita → General → File Handling. You can have for example always five last saves in automatic backup files.

Thank you, got it. In my case, saving many different versions of a file is not good as I am an indecisive person. And worse, I tend not to finish what I started. :smile: I have old art here, with four different versions…and I end up not choosing any!

Saving just a different version forces me to make decisions. I know it sounds weird, but this method has worked for me…

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