badges taken

can budges be taken?

I have no idea what you mean by this question.

‘badges’ ?

What do you mean by ‘taken’?
That can mean ‘obtained’ or ‘removed’ depending on context.

I have seen that someone say he lost the abilities of regulars.

A reference or link is always useful.


Yes, the regular status can be lost.

Here the rules explained :

(link provided by @raghukamath here : groups (on this site) - #2 by raghukamath so I think default rules are valid)


so how is it there are people on trust level regular that don’t have the requirements and still are “regular”?

I don’t think so…
Rules are applied automatically

But @raghukamath can confirm that, if default rules have been modified


Would be interested how you think they don’t met the requirements when some of the requirements aren’t even visible to others but yourself.

on which ones are talking about?

For example how often they log in or how many and wich topics they read.

If you have a question, why not just ask it? Why start with some cryptic question about badges if you actually have some question about your standing here? (I assume that’s what this is about.)

There is two weeks grace period. But yes, Regular is a privilage that you can lose in certain situation.

Also what is your point in this question?

Do you maybe ask so many questions (in general) to get the Regular status?

I just want before getting it to know if I will need to hold it all the time, or I can leave it alone till I’m going back without taking care of it.

yes, (except of “to get the regular status”) but just to know as good as possible what krita have, because I think it is the best drawing program. and if I will know it better I will be able more to help (maybe also one day in programing).

I lost it once when I was inactive for some time and didn’t post anything that got any likes so yes you can lose it but I had it back in just a week or so. So it’s a big deal especially because the only thing I missed was the ability to refile some topics when they were posted in wrong categories.

No badges can’t be taken.

We have not modified anything in the rules of the trust level system. This is what discourse has. We are not going to change it. Nobody has been manually granted any status except for some people who were chosen as moderators when the site went online. Until today nobody in the admin group has changed anybody’s trust level.

Level 2, the one you’re on, is forever. Level 1 and level 0 are just to get rid of spammers. Level 3 is not forever because it gives you some very limited capabilities to keep the forum tidy. But you don’t need to care about it, there are other people who take care of that and it’s not that much work needed anyway, so it’s all covered already.

Just don’t worry about it.

I’m talking about the badge. :laughing:

You got the answer so closing this topic now.