Barroque flourishes sketch

Just some sketches studying barroque flourishes, without stabilizer, trying to get smoother lines


These were without stabilizer? Well done!

I actually prefer to do most of my line art with just the basic stabiliser. I just don’t like the sluggish feel of the stabiliser and I only turn it on for especially long, sweeping lines. I do use Ctrl+Z a lot though, so probably not the fastest process. :wink:

Oh I’m a fan of such ornaments. I remember my grandpa had a self-made lamp made with lots of such brass ornaments and floral glass lamp screens hanging down on cords, in all variations he could find on flea markets, it looked so awesome.

And I never manage to follow lines properly with the stabilizer, so I never really use it…I wonder if a “string” from cursor to brush tip would help me, so I can see at least the tangent properly.

The weighted smoothing works better for me, but also tends to react a bit against intuition if you don’t move the pen at somewhat constant speed.

So yes, ‘undo’ is my best friend for doing outlines too :laughing: