Base XV102


Did you notice the women in the image? Let me know in the comments.

Not at first, took me a sec to find her, maybe highlighting more of her hair would make her pop out more, or changing her outfit’s colors cuz she’s blending with the rocks a bit.
I really like the perspective here, pretty awesome painting nonetheless.

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I thought she was a small rock spire. My attention and focus was immediately drawn to the aircraft and the building.
I’d agree with PschoSan’s suggestion but she is painted/presented well so maybe leave her unchanged as a ‘nice surprise’ for anyone who really studies the picture.

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just after you mention it :wink: Nice kadar again soma


Thank you! Well that’s perfectly fine, it’s intended to be like this. :slight_smile:

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I would suggest making her stand up. Highlighting her won’t do much cause she’s small, so the only fix I can think of is to create a strong silhouette form. If she’s standing, that silhouette might read better than her sitting.

As I said, it’s intended like this. I’m not looking for a fix, as it’s not broken. :slight_smile:

All your base are belong to us! :slight_smile:

I like how the clouds scattered in front of this monumental building.

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The girl in the left corner is very hidden placed.
Wonderful color choice you made.

I saw the women right after you mentioned her.

You are on fire today, great stuff. So if these take around 3-4 hours does this picture dump, that sounds horrible but you know what I mean, represent one weeks work?