Battle near Lady Bronwen Lake

I’m new here, I hope I don’t make a category mistake. I started using Krita two years ago to illustrate my stories. I help myself from Blender to have correct perspectives, but all the illustrations are made and / or reworked with Krita. I slowly learn the art of illustration.

I use the brush packs, etc. provided by Krita and those generously made available by David Revoy.
It remains to add some details for the background and the characters, as well as the shading.

(This illustration represents Alex and Solène fight the Konhouarns near the home of Bronwen located under the lake. This is a scene from volume 1 of the Memoirs of a Watchman - Volume 1 - The Lost Year.)

I wish you a nice day


Welcome to tge forum! Nice to see a little surge of new users here

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Thank you for the welcoming. I will try to post other illustrations and the booktrailer entirely realized with Krita as soon as it is finished.

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here is the illustration finished.
Have a nice day.