Beat your brains out - until you give up

How long do you stay on top of a problem before you give up and come to the forum to ask?

Once, when I was a child, my older brother said that I should research before asking. I think he was kind of rude to me. That phrase got ‘tattooed’ in my thoughts. On the one hand it was good, because every time I learn something on my own the satisfaction seems to be greater.

I remember when I started studying the ‘wings3d’ program in 2004 I spent 2 days trying to solve the problem of a render (yafray). So I couldn’t take it anymore and went to a forum to ask. The solution was so simple. It was enough to mark a dialog box.
I didn’t learn anything in those 2 days trying to solve it myself. :smile:

I still have Wings3D and it still works :slight_smile:

I think there has to be a sensible time limit before you ask for help and advice and that’s after you’ve looked for tutorial videos or articles. The exact limit depends on your character and personality.

You’re quite right that you get satisfaction by solving something yourself and you can learn a lot by trying to solve a problem without actually solving it but eventually you just have to ask for advice.
I’d say the next day, for me, or the day after that if I’m in a stubborn mood.