Beginner coding tasks in Krita: easy and short feature requests, ready to implement

thanks i’ll have a look at it :wink:

Also having a look at this document. Krita is actually much more feature complete than other free software I’ve seen and worked with (and I definitely did experimentation), so I’d love to contribute to it. I think there are more Windows developers out here in 2020 that want to get onboard, but we need the ability to do so. Only then can we get a healthy group of developers on Windows, which also helps keep builds stable on it, so thanks for the guide. I’ll be testing that out shortly.

Oh you definitely can develop on Windows :slight_smile: It’s just that setting things up takes much more time than on Linux and it’s more tricky and that, I believe, comes from the quirks of the system itself and how complex Krita is (and because it uses cmake, possibly? and some libraries, like Vc, are really picky…). But when you have the environment set up, then it’s very similar, of course.

Hey tiar, if I encounter problems or have suggestions for the guide, I’ll comment on it there so it can serve to help everyone seeing the same guide. I’ve added a comment now (awaiting your approval); if you monitor Outside of Infinity for comments, I’ll continue to comment on it there.

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If you could come over to our IRC channel it would be better.

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Just commenting to say that I’m taking care of 349152


For the sake of keeping readers and commentors informed, dibs on this one also:

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I’ll give this one a shot: 399058 – Convert the current layer into a reference image (


Go for it! If you have questions, please join the irc channel.

These two are claimed, but I think the work is stalled or the authors are busy. @QChai are you still working on the second one? I think we can release these or any others that are claimed, if the authors are not working on it any more.


Okay, I just read that save group layers dimension is not retained. If anyone is up to that task, I would like a option for it not to be retained. I use it for game texture purpose.

Hi, I’d like to work on import sequence hold frames task . Can I claim it?

Sure! I’ll mark the task as yours.

@QChai Hi! Are you still working on 349152 – When transforming a clone layer with transform tool, create a transformation mask automatically ? Can I unassign it so others can work on them, or you’d prefer to still keep it assigned to you?

Hi Tiar,

Thanks for making this list! Can I claim the Resize for grid brush should affect the brush area request?

Sure! I marked it both here and in bugzilla since I can see that you have the account there as well. Good luck with implementing, and if you encounter any trouble, please come on IRC and someone will help you :slight_smile:

Also btw, if you finish this task and will want something else, there is another task for Grid Brush in the list - 340643 – Grid Brush: Offset Grid - which might be quite easy and quick to do when you get familiar with the code there. (Dmitry always says that when one wants to fix some bugs, it’s always fastest if they choose a specific area to fix, not just pick at random - of course it mostly applies to developers who do need to fix lots at once, not volunteers, but I thought it would apply here too cause it does say it’s easier and faster this way :slight_smile: )

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Great! I’ll take a try to do some investigation and figure it out on my own first. If I get stuck I’ll be sure to reach out on IRC.

If I complete this I’d love to try the other grid ticket as well but I want to make sure I complete one thing at a time :slight_smile:

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I added a new section here, for bugs that should be quite easy to fix but are quite important for the users. Note that the importance factor is based on my personal bias :slight_smile:

For those following along the Resize for grid brush should affect the brush area was MR was accepted here. A big thanks to @tiar and @dkazakov for noticing some issues with my initial MR and pointing me in the right direction.

I think I’ll take a look at the 340643 – Grid Brush: Offset Grid bug next as tiar mentioned, as I do think I have pretty good idea on how to do it. Is it ok if assign myself bugs on that I am working on?

Also @dkazakov noticed some other issues with the grid brush (here) which I will probably take a look at after the offset grid bug.

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Yes! I’d like an information here too so I can mark it on the list but the bugzilla is the more important place, I think.

Thanks for working on that :slight_smile:

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