Beginner coding tasks in Krita: easy and short feature requests, ready to implement

Sure! I marked it both here and in bugzilla since I can see that you have the account there as well. Good luck with implementing, and if you encounter any trouble, please come on IRC and someone will help you :slight_smile:

Also btw, if you finish this task and will want something else, there is another task for Grid Brush in the list - 340643 – Grid Brush: Offset Grid - which might be quite easy and quick to do when you get familiar with the code there. (Dmitry always says that when one wants to fix some bugs, it’s always fastest if they choose a specific area to fix, not just pick at random - of course it mostly applies to developers who do need to fix lots at once, not volunteers, but I thought it would apply here too cause it does say it’s easier and faster this way :slight_smile: )

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Great! I’ll take a try to do some investigation and figure it out on my own first. If I get stuck I’ll be sure to reach out on IRC.

If I complete this I’d love to try the other grid ticket as well but I want to make sure I complete one thing at a time :slight_smile:


I added a new section here, for bugs that should be quite easy to fix but are quite important for the users. Note that the importance factor is based on my personal bias :slight_smile:

For those following along the Resize for grid brush should affect the brush area was MR was accepted here. A big thanks to @tiar and @dkazakov for noticing some issues with my initial MR and pointing me in the right direction.

I think I’ll take a look at the 340643 – Grid Brush: Offset Grid bug next as tiar mentioned, as I do think I have pretty good idea on how to do it. Is it ok if assign myself bugs on that I am working on?

Also @dkazakov noticed some other issues with the grid brush (here) which I will probably take a look at after the offset grid bug.


Yes! I’d like an information here too so I can mark it on the list but the bugzilla is the more important place, I think.

Thanks for working on that :slight_smile:

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All the parts for the Offset grid brush been completed which included adding the offset and a shortcut for modifying the offset on the canvas. I updated the bug on as resolved too.

The other bugs Dmitry mentioned turned out to be because of incorrect setting when testing so all good there too.

I think I will probably take a look at Bug 396490 – No color preview with Eyedropper as I experienced this myself when I first opened krita. I remember feeling confused about why the color preview wasn’t showing up so I got a personal vendetta. Plus it looks easy enough.


I would like to work on that if no one else is doing it. I think I have figured out where to add the widget for that but I am not sure how to depend on the input color.


Sure! Do you know where to start? It’s best to just build Krita first - Building Krita from Source — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation - and then you can for example make a WIP MR on, or come on IRC #krita on to talk with other developers.

Hello I am trying to get involved in the project and wanted to start on a small feature.

Should the value be remembered during the session only or be saved and remembered after closing and reopening the application?


Hi @BipBoop!

I think it may be good to ask in that thread as those interested in the feature would probably have an idea of what they want.

But just to give an answer, I think most tool settings that stick also stick on restarting so I would go with that.

I hope your coding goes well!

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hi @tiar , I would like to go for the bug 435293.