Best way to rotate a semi-profile portrait?

Does anyone know the best way to rotate a semi-profile portrait of a person to profile and have it look correct?
I would like to make a painting of my mother but in profile view. Only problem is that I only have photos of her in full view and 3/4 view. – is it possible to rotate the view from the semi-profile and have it look correct?

This is a 3-D rotation problem and tricky to do with 2-D images.

If you have reference images of some person in full profile and 3/4 view, properly scaled to match the head heights and maybe rotated to match the head inclination of your mother’s 3/4 view, you can try putting a transform mask on the reference 3/4 view and doing a mesh transform or maybe a perspective transform (I’m guessing here) and see if you can make the transformed 3/4 view match the reference profile view.

Then you could put that transform mask onto the 3/4 view of your mother and hope that it’s good enough so that it converts her 3/4 image to a full profile view, as it did (if you were lucky) with the reference images.

You can also try y-axis rotation transforms, with the reference images, to see if that is an easier way to do it. As I remember, that effect is dependent on image size.

So, which program could do that?
I don’t have a profile view of her.

You could try to do that in Blender but first you’d need to build a 3D model using the photo that you have.

I meant to use krita for this and manipulate existing 2-D images in a hopeful attempt to get a good aproximation to what is needed.

Krita has a nice mesh transform and can rotate an image about the y-axis.
It would all be a bit experimental but it might do the job.

You don’t need a profile view of your mother, that is the desired end result.

What you’d need is a 3/4 profile and full profile of some model or tv/film star of who there are lots of photos on the internet.
They will be a reference resources for the attempt to see if the 3/4 profile can be converted into a reasonable full profile.
Then that transform could be applied to your mother’s 3/4 profile image.

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@AhabGreybeard I didn’t fully get what you meant but I played around with the transform tool rotation and it seems like a cool tool. But this is what I came up with… :smile_cat:

Suppose your mother looks like Audrey Hepburn, or whoever (in terms of head shape and facial structure) in her movie star days.
(This may be unlikely but stay with me for a while.)

You can easily find reference photos of Audrey Hepburn (or someone with similar head shape and facial structure) with full profile and 3/4 profile views.

So, if you can figure out a transform that will ‘morph’ Audrey Hepburn’s 3/4 profile view into a very good approximation of her full profile view then that transform (as a transform mask) can be applied to your mother’s 3/4 profile image and it will ‘morph’ your mother’s 3/4 profile image in the same way.
(Assuming the reference photos have been scaled to the same size and head inclination as your mother’s photo.)

You’d put Audrey Hepburn’s full profile on an upper layer with an opacity of 50%, maybe with a colour shift to give good discrimination between it and the layer underneath, which would be the reference 3/4 profile image.
Then put a transform mask on the 3/4 profile reference image and try to ‘morph’ it so that it matches the upper full profile reference image, because you’d be able to see both of them.

If you can do that, the resulting transform mask can be put onto the layer that has your mother’s 3/4 profile image on it then (cross fingers) you’d have a reasonable full profile image of your mother.
This would probably be more of a guide and you’d use your own judgement to paint a final image over it.


Thank you.
Is there a screenshot somewhere of a transform mask? I don’t know where to find that mask.

It’s difficult to remember and keep mental track of all the things that krita has.

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Thanks for the screenshot! I’ll try it. On the reference manual page, it just says, “First add a transform mask to an existing layer.” but doesn’t show/tell how to do so. :confused: Maybe that sentence can be edited to show how.

I think it’s assumed that you noticed it whenever you were choosing a layer type from the Layers Docker drop down list.

You can raise a formal bug report in the Documentation category if you like.
I’m not sure if there’s another, preferred, way of raising problems with the manual.

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I might have something…
(Trying to remember what I did) I used the freehand select tool and traced my mom’s semi-profile, then added the transform mask, and warped it so that it looked like a profile outline (the nose was not showing enough to transform)…
Then I did the same with her nose, then selected the nose area and moved it so that it looked right for a profile view and colored in both areas.

Thankfully, I found a photo of her brother in profile and referred to that as well. (They both have the same shape nose.)

Now, at least I have something that can be a reference.

Thanks @AhabGreybeard

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