Better discoverability on the start screen

The start screen in Krita is nice, but I don’t feel it has enough “call to action”, or showcases clearly enough what links are useful. I would suggest making the most useful links like donation, the Krita Manual and User Community (which I think should be changed to easier to find. As of now, I don’t think many people interact with the Community tab.
This post was inspired by how Blender made their Development Fund a lot more discoverable just by adding a heart next to the link. Such a small change made a huge difference in discoverability since the heart is the only red element and draws attention to itself.

Here is the current start screen

Here is an example of how a new start screen gives focus to some actions

Here is how the current screen looks with just a simple heart added

My main point is that the most important buttons, like the Support Krita, Krita Manual, and the User Community should have better discoverability. It might not need a large redesign, but some simple icons next to the important ones could do wonders for discoverability!

The Support Krita button could even have a text akin to “Make Krita better for the future”, or something along those lines. Making it known to people that they can donate, and make the program better.


Krita team needs Billy Mayes to do their marketing.

“Hey Billy Mayes here introducing you the next cutting edge, revolutionary software for all artists: Krita!
Krita is for painters, animators, not for haters nor alligators. Order now and get free updates through Steam and from Bill Gates himself! Limited time offer so act fast or stay in the past for Krita is the future today!”


Oh wow, that looks so much better.

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@scottyp might have something to add in this matter.

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We could definitely make changes to it. The welcome screen is still a relatively new thing in Krita that we have been modifying in almost every release. For example in Krita 4.3 which isn’t out yet, there will be a new notification when there is a new release available to download. It will also give better feedback when you are using a developer build for testing.

We could use a little more marketing flair though especially for some of the links like the designs are proposing. I do like the idea of calling out certain things that we want to call out. I think

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While your screenshot has a lot of screen space to put stuff, we can’t design around that screen size since a lot off people have a lot smaller screen. Right now the stuff inside that welcome area has to be able to fit nicely on a 1366 x 768 monitor. That is the 2nd most common screen size that people use Krita with.

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We also intentionally tried not to make the startup screen to in your face, though I agree that if there’s space, we could make it nicer looking.

There’s also this idea of running a regular competition and showing the winners in rotation in the startup screen – but that needs to find someone to organize it.


I really like those ideas!
Excited to see what you do with the start screen in the future :blush:

I like the idea of artwork on the start screen! Are you thinking its going to be similar to the top gallery strip on Krita-Artists? Like this but on the start screen?

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Can that be turned off? Linux (and other) package managers will probably want to do that.

It’s off by default because all networking is off by default. But even on Linux, one can download an appimage. I guess for now no one thought about making it into a compile switch or whatever.

I think your suggestion is good .These recommended paintings will also be pleasing to the eye.That’s right.After my work, I like to take a look at here.
But at the same time,it will cause some problems,for example it may take users longer to open Krita than before. Of course, it can also be made optional in future updates. :thinking:
By the way,this design is very beautiful. :cupid: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Original text(To prevent misunderstandings caused by translation errors :disappointed_relieved:)
另外,这个设计真的很不错。 :sparkling_heart:

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