Beuwolf color study


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Nice work, Fuad2d!
The mood, the rim light - I like it.

On the second look: For the final work it might be good to check the proportions of the rider once again. - This is what I mean:

In detail...

When a grown up is standing, the upper body half and the legs are more or less of the same length. - When he is sitting, the upper body should be longer than the folded legs are. So your hero might be a bit short in his upper half.

(Or am I wrong? Maybe he’s older than I thought? What’s the story behind the picture?)
Just curious! :wink:

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Thanks for comment and attention to the figures, Rider hands are fixed to handle of of the canopy here’s the original reference

Hi Fuad2d!
Thanks for posting the reference, but my comment was to the first picture…
Worth to mention that the camera in the reference picture is in a frog’s perspective. So maybe a foreshortening effect at work, too.

Bernd Stein

Oh sorry that was mistake, I lost final part of your comment, the perspective seems a normal camera lens as you can see here , the story is a about a hero called the Beuwolf and he want to save a girl from execution in the scene


It does look weird. His knee is facing the camera so it looks like the lower part of his leg is the entire leg. :slight_smile:

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yea it happened to the original reference too.