Bezier Curve -Undo only Last Node

For the Bezier Pen Tool on Vector Layers. is it possible to undo only the last drawn node in case of an error?

Currently hitting Escape or Ctrl+Z clears the entire path.

In Inkscape Ctrl+Z undo’s the last node.

Ofcourse these nodes can be adjusted later , but if this option is available then it would be more faster.

For polygons and polylines, you can use Shift+Z to undo the last point in a sequence of drawing or selecting.
Sadly, the Bezier curver tool doesn’t seem to have any similar facility.

Played with it a little bit and I found out that clicking with right mouse button does the job :slight_smile:

So it does!

When in doubt always refer to our good old manual :slight_smile:

While drawing the Ctrl key while dragging will push the handles both ways. The Alt key will create a sharp corner, and the Shift key will allow you to make a handle while at the end of the curve. Right mouse click will undo the last added point.

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