Birch glade

Drawn for a friend from a prompt given today. Birch forest with an oak that has small doors for faeries. Drawn in Krita on 1/13/21 in 5 hours.


Looks awesome! I never could spend that much time working on trees!

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Thanks, I appreciate the response!

Second version with the center tree being much taller and a tree door removed.


The color of the tree is really great, what brush do you used?

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Most of that picture is the Ink-3 GPen, but it looks like that spot is textured, so I either clicked once or twice with an appropriately sized dirt-like texture, or I made successive strokes with partial transparency using the Ink-3 GPen. Probably the former.

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Will try something with Ink-3 G pen. I am new to learning painting and all, kind of a hobby I started in lockdown :sweat_smile: