Black dog at the beach

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Also I wrote a little tidbit of lore to go with this piece, my english is not 100% perfect so im sorry in advance if there’s some grammar errors :sweat_smile:


After the great cataclysm that was the Flood, number of strange things have been happening on Earth. The corrupted where born, and almost the entirety of the surface was covered by a vast ocean of dark mass. A lot of unexplained phenomenon happen every single day

In Zone 15, the most frequent unexplained phenomenon are apparitions. Each inhabitant have their own stories about them, and everyone who spends a little time in zone 15 will sooner or later experience one. It is so frequent, that in conversations there’s always someone telling their anecdotes about their encounter with an apparition.

One of the most well known apparitions in Zone 15 is a black dog with an eye that is always facing those who look at it. It is frequently seen far from factories, outside of the villages, preferring fields and riversides.

It always appears in front of dead bodies, whether it is human, animal, or corrupted. The dog always stays for a little while, then turns around and disappears.
Some rumors says those who they do not fixate with their eye are going to die very soon. Other rumors says that it is a bad omen, and those who see it will be cursed, while other on the contrary says this is a good omen, and those who have the privilege to see it will be very lucky in their lives.

Some are wondering why it appears like that. Why only towards the dead? If you were to ask some of the inhabitants of the zone, some would say this is the Grim Reaper, while other say that this is clearly an angel who came to collect the dead. Some have less standard ideas about this creature. They say it is actually a Corrupted man that doesn’t know he is in fact, corrupted. Some would even say that it is none of that, instead, it is a lost soul, appearing in front of the dead because they are looking for someone, and they haven’t found them yet


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