Black screen when opening project

Hi, I’ve recently created a project and saved it in my folder on Krita. Today, when I decided to work on the project I noticed that the screen showed up black out. When I look at the bottom of the ‘Layer’ that the project is on I can tell that my project is still there, it even allows me to erase or put color on the layer yet the project is still blank. Would someone be able to help me remedy this inconvenience?

Thank you, Saturn22.

Furthermore, I am using the Krita app for Mac OSX.

Could you share a screenshot of Krita?

You see how there is an outline at the base of the layer picture?

Yes, I do, but it seems that the whole layer was filled with black somehow, and this is inside the saved file. We can’t do anything with this file, what probably happened is that the backspace key was pressed just before you saved (we have seen this happen before with cat owners for particular reasons :wink: ). However, you can try to see if the backup file does have your image.