Blender 3


Testing already!

Based on this tutorial on geometry nodes: Blender 3.0 Beginner Geometry Nodes Tutorial - YouTube (though beware of clickbait, he won’t show how to make animation).

The final graph (ugly, I know, but I was just doing what he did without cleaning stuff up):

I love how the colors make it so clear what is where. Now I’m working on a machine design and I already see I’ll need way more nodes, but with grouping it should be easy enough…


Geometry nodes are sorcery for me. I still haven’t gotten my head from shader nodes aside from the very basic. Blender develop so fast so many feature already since I last use it [and that was earlier this year]

Thank you for the tuto link.

Huge improvements here. Cycles is on fire now. My render times are a fraction of what they were before. Great job by the Blender Team.

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