Blinded - Graphite on Paper.

Faber castell shading pencils, 120GSM sheet

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This portrait is, for my taste, very good in terms of technique! The shadows are well-placed, the neck convinces me very much. The large and small skin folds are excellent!

What irritates me are the proportions of parts of the hands. Fingers, palms and thumb pads to each other and finally the size ratio of the hands to the face irritates me.
The palms are very large, similar to the hands of gorillas or chimpanzees, and the fingers, especially the fingertips, are too thin for the size of these hands and a bit too short compared to the rest of them.

But one thing is for sure, I will probably never reach this quality of drawing a human.
Maybe I could - with more practice - paint a human like this, but landscape painting is more my thing, there are people who say I have talent. Well, you can handle pencils, and I am more comfortable with brushes. :wink:


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Thank you so much for the review! Iā€™m an amateur at art and have much to learn so your critique is much appreciated. I quite agree with your comment about the hand proportions and will definitely work towards it now. Hopefully my next ones will be better! :smile:
Thanks again for your input!


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Reversed perspective